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Introducing the Souvenir Collection

Souvenir Collection Catalogue
Download PDF • 23.50MB

Artist Statement

Last winter, I was feeling pretty lost with where I was going with my art. What did I want to convey to my audience? What kept me inspired? I wasn’t sure anymore. In an attempt to revive my creativity, I ordered a small A6 concertina sketchbook online and drew something every day – no matter how imperfect – until I filled up the sketchbook. 

Working on this personal project encouraged me to rediscover the idea of play. I would spend late evenings carefully tearing paper to make tiles, flowers and bird cut-outs, unable to go to sleep as it filled me with unexplainable joy. Through these tiny 4x4 drawings, I could feel my art pivot in a completely new direction.  

The Souvenir series, in a way, is an extension of this joyful, child-like experiment. Butterfly cut-outs and gently torn handmade paper adorn the artworks, infusing the collection with a sense of whimsy and nostalgia. Gaining inspiration from Delft tiles, vintage post stamps and traditional tapestry, Souvenir is also my love letter to the artisans of the past. These art forms have one thing in common – by sharing a little piece of history, they celebrate culture and tell a story of a moment in time. Using this idea, I wanted to share my personal memories and appreciation for our ever-changing environment in my artworks.  

Having worked on this collection for the past four months, it brings me the greatest joy to finally share this collection with you. I hope you enjoy these “little souvenirs” from my heart. Thank you, truly, for all your kindness and encouraging me along my artistic journey – without your support, I would not be where I am today. 

All my love,


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