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Rachel Kim, the creator of Leaping Studio, is an artist and illustrator from Australia. 

Rachel always loved drawing, but it was only from a friend's nudge that she started sharing her art with the world. Her original paintings are now in private collections internationally and she has collaborated with interior designers, fashion & beauty brands and hotels worldwide.

In her paintings, you can feel the warmth of the sun as she captures the eternal bliss of summer in our everyday lives. Viewers describe her paintings as whimsical, vibrant and full of exuberance. Rachel loves to combine the intricate details of ink sketches with playful and expressive use of watercolours and oil pastels. 

Having spent most of her life as a violinist, Rachel's strong classical music background has nurtured her love and understanding for all art forms. Her interest lies in the parallels between visual art and music, which is inherent through elements such as harmony, balance and colour. 


If you would like to collaborate or request a commission, please contact Rachel here

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